It's time for a new constitution

What is a ‘constitution’ and what is the UK’s constitution?

A constitution is a set of basic rules that set out how a country is governed. Every country has some form of constitution, which will often be written down in a single document, as is the case in the USA.

However, the UK’s constitution differs from most others in the world. It is still a set of basic rules but only some of them are written down and even then they are found in a number of different documents. Many of the rules are unwritten and exist only as understandings between different parts of government.

The process of leaving the EU is the biggest constitutional change in living memory. But the government are treating our democracy with contempt.

It's now clear that we need fundamental, systemic changes to our democracy. We think part of that is a new constitution for the UK written by and for the people.

Watch our conversation with former MP Graham Allen on why we need a written constitution: