The EU Withdrawal Act is a power grab.

It will give Theresa May and her ministers unaccountable power to sign away our rights and protections for the environment.

Parliament has now passed the EU Withdrawal Act. Despite earlier wins in both Houses of Parliament, eventually government power won out.

MPs failed to win a meaningful vote. Many rallied behind your concerns of a power grab, but it just wasn’t enough. The government is just too powerful with all the rules working to their advantage.

Brexit has proven just how broken our political system is. People, communities, and our elected representatives in Parliament have been shut out of the process from day one.

What happens next?

In a modern democracy, our rights shouldn’t be able to be taken away with a majority vote of one. But without a written constitution, that’s the kind of uncertainty we’re forced to live with.

We can't fix this by changing who's in power. A new constitution is the only way to create a fairer society where politics works for people.

How can we make Brexit more democratic?

We believe the process of leaving the EU needs to democratic, not done in the interests of the establishment. Read our Democratic Brexit report for a detailed overview of how this could happen.