The EU Withdrawal Bill will give Theresa May and her ministers unaccountable power to sign away our rights and protections for the environment.

Thanks to thousands of people contacting their MPs, the bill (formerly the Repeal Bill) only narrowly survived its first big vote. Now we're upping the pressure on MPs to get off the fence and expose this power grab.

UPDATE: Victory in sight for human rights

We’ve helped force the government to pause its plans to scrap some of our human rights after Brexit. Working with charities and campaigners across the board, we made sure MPs heard how important they are to all of us.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights protects many of our rights, but instead of including it with all other EU laws in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, the government planned to scrap it.

Read our media response to get all the details.

What happens next?

There’s a huge battle ahead to stop a power grab by ministers. The Withdrawal Bill proposes to take away powers from the devolved nations and give ministers the power to scrap EU laws they don’t like. But we believe it’s Parliament’s job to decide what EU laws we keep after Brexit.

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