The EU Withdrawal Bill is a power grab. Now is our last chance to stop it.

It will give Theresa May and her ministers unaccountable power to sign away our rights and protections for the environment.

MPs are about to decide whether to give the government a dangerously free rein over implementing Brexit. The House of Lords passed a number of amendments to make the government more accountable to Parliament.

But Theresa May wants to reverse all these changes to keep power in the hands of ministers.

The House of Lords have voted to give Parliament  far more say over the details of Brexit, from defending the Good Friday Agreement to whether ministers get jaw-dropping new powers to scrap any laws that came from Europe.

Write to your MP now.

What happens next?

Our fight against the government power grab is now in the final stages. The key question is whether MPs will accept some of the amendments passed in the Lords, or scrap them all to keep the government's new powers.