Unlock Democracy is adding some scrutiny to this year's General Election with the help of ElectionLeaflets.org - the public database of election leaflets.  We know campaigns have started, so we want to know what the campaign machine has done so far to win your voters.   

We are monitoring this year's General Election. With your help we can build a picture of the campaign from the voters point of view. We will be running a couple of short surveys in the weeks running up to the General Election, asking you to tell us about your experiences of the campaigns. We are very excited to announce we have teamed up with Bristol University who will be working with us on analysing the data and putting together into a report.

Can you help us gather data on what is happening on the ground?

How much has election fever hit your street? Tell us in our first What The Voters Saw survey

We are measuring the impact of the April 2nd Leaders' Debate, a seven-way debate between the biggest party leaders in the run-up to the election. It was the first time there’s been a debate like this in the UK. Do you think it shaped the election?

In our 3rd survey we look into how the party leaders influence how we vote compared to local candidates? Add your here experience here

The "first social media election" to quote every news outlet in the last few weeks, is that an experience you've shared? Tell us in our fourth survey

In the fifth survey of the What The Voters Saw project we are finding out how and if the candidates are canvassing locally to win your vote.

We have been working with Bristol University and over 500 volunteers who’ve been reporting back on what they’ve experienced of the election for What The Voters Saw 2015. In our final survey of the project, we need your help to build the big picture of how the voters perceived this year’s election. How was the election for you?

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