Vote Match is an online voter quiz which aims to help you find the party that best matches your views at an election. We talk to experts to find out the top issues in an election, find out where the parties disagree and build a simple quiz which compares your views to theirs to find the best match.

1 in 5 people who don’t vote say they don’t know enough about the parties to decide. Vote Match aims to help people make an informed choice by making it easier to find out which policies separate the parties. We’ve seen that helping users get over the information hurdle can have a real impact on participation. In 2010, our research suggested that 5% of our users decided to vote as a result of taking Vote Match.

We’ve been running Vote Match since 2008. At the last general election in 2010, Vote Match had over a million unique users. This year, we’re aiming higher. We’ve teamed up with a range of partners including LSE’s Democratic Audit and the Oxford Internet Institute to completely rebuild Vote Match with a new mobile-friendly app and website.

Vote Match is run by Unlock Democracy, a non-profit, non-partisan campaign for democratic reform. Vote Match 2015 is supported by an independent Advisory Board.

Past Vote Matches

Vote Match is used by millions of voters throughout Europe in local, European and Parliamentary elections. See the journey that we have been on with Vote Match in the UK and take quizzes from previous elections.