Thank you for deciding to see your MP to lobby them about the EU Withdrawal Bill - like you we’re really concerned about putting so much power in the hands of ministers.

Going to see your MP is by far the most effective way to lobby them. What you say won’t be filtered through their staff and it means they’ll spend longer thinking about the issue than just reading an email. Here's our handy guide to setting up your visit:

1 - Find your MP

Find out who your local MP is and get their contact details at the Parliament website.

2 - Check their surgery dates

Visit the MP's website or contact their office to find out when they will next be holding a surgery for local constituents.

Some MPs hold regular surgeries (usually Fridays or Saturdays) you can turn up to, and others will ask you to book a specific time. Check your MP’s website or call their office to find out.

3 - Get others involved

Once you’ve got a day and a time, ask friends or people you know from other activities if they want to come along. Asking people one to one is best, but you can also try a mass text or posting on Facebook to gauge interest. Even just two of you going along will be a lot more powerful.

If possible, practice with a non technical friend so you have experienced what it is like, and the kinds of questions a non technical person will ask.

4 - Read our briefing for discussion points

Want to know what to say to your MP? Here's some ideas:

5 - Chat to your MP

Meet your MP at their surgery and see if they'll be supporting amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill that stop the government power grab.

6 - Tell us know how it went!

Send us a quick email below: