Campaign success: Trade Union Bill

In 2016 saw off the government's attempt to rig elections in their favour! At the end of March, the Lords voted overwhelmingly to defeat the government on the party funding section of the Trade Union Bill.

The big story on party funding is the changes in the Trade Union Bill. The proposed changes to party funding would make elections less fair and less competitive. Clauses 10 and 11 of the Bill would move union donations to political parties to an opt-in system, which could reduce funding to Labour by up to an estimated £8m a year.

Free and fair elections require a level playing field for all political parties. This Bill would have slashed union donations to Labour while leaving wealthy donors to plough cash into Conservative party coffers.

The party funding system is crying out for reform, but changes must be agreed by all parties. The government should not be allowed to rewrite the rules for its own party political gain. Real transparency means looking at both sides of the party funding equation - not just unions, but wealthy donors too.

Money shouldn’t be able to buy influence - and that’s true whether it’s trade unions or millionaire bankers paying. That’s why we need cross-party agreement to cap donations and tighten spending limits.

More than ten thousand of you have already signed our petition to halt the changes on trade union funds so parties can agree how to clean up party funding.

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