How to organise a Pankhurst Picnic

We’ve really are making it as easy as pick a date, a park and print out a sign for the day. We will happily do all the publicity and send out reminders to your guests!

Getting started!

  1. Set a date

  2. Pick a park (Somewhere specific so its easy for people to find, simply saying ‘at the park’ doesn’t help if it’s a big park!)

  3. Fill in the this form or email us at so that we can help promote it

Before the picnic

  • Unlock Democracy will make a signup page for your event. You can find all of the Pankhurst Picnics happening across the country here
  • We will send out emails to our supporters who live near to where you are holding your picnic, as well as promoting your event on our social media accounts.
  • We can email people who’ve signed up to your event to remind them to come and after the event is done, we’ll happily send a thank you email on your behalf.
  • The day before the event we will send you the final attendees list.

Before the picnic there are few things you can help us with but no pressure!

  • Help us redraft the copy for your event page - we will do our best but a local person's words are always stronger.

  • Send us a contact number we can use if people need to contact you on the day.

  • Print out a Pankhurst Picnic sign and a copy of the Conversation Starter (we will send you these a week before your event).

  • Keep your fingers crossed for sun, but make a backup plan just in case (is there a cafe nearby?)

On the day of the picnic

Right the big day has arrived - you've got your food now here is what you need to do. 

  • Check the weather - do you need to move to plan B?

  • We suggest you arrive half an hour earlier than the event has been scheduled to start - just in case anyone turns up early.

  • Set up the picnic and any decorations you may have brought (maybe hold off eating all the sandwiches) - make sure your sign is visible.

  • Greet people as they arrive and encourage them to talk to fellow attendees.

  • Take pictures (and if you are on social media be noisy using #PankhurstPicnic).

After the picnic

  • Send us some pictures of your picnic and if you feel confident we'd love you to write a blog about the day
  • Feedback - this is the first year we are running these picnics across the country, tell us how we can improve!

At any point if you need any further support please email