This summer looks set to be bright with local Unlock Democracy supporters like yourself organising over 30 picnics in every region of the UK. Pankhurst Picnics are a light hearted way to bring our local supporters together to chew over the most pressing democratic reform issues. 

Starting on Emmeline Pankhurst's birthday weekend, we are helping activists organise Pankhurst Picnics across the country in honour of Emmeline Pankhurst's contributions to democracy.  Find your nearest picnic below!

Upcoming Picnics

Bring a Pankhurst Picnic to a park near you

We'll have all you need to organise a Pankhurst Picnic (sandwiches not included!). Just fill in your details below

Somewhere central in your nearest town or city for instance Heaton Moor Manchester, Cannon Hill Park Birmingham, Queens' Park Brighton
Finally which weekends would you be free for a Pankhurst Picnic

How to organise a Pankhurst Picnic


We have really are making it as easy as pick a date, a park and print out a sign for the day. We will happily do all the publicity and send out reminders to your guests!

Getting started!

  1. Fill in the above form or email us at so that we can help promote it
  2. Set a date
  3. Pick a park (Somewhere specific so its easy for people to find, simply saying ‘at the park’ doesn’t help if it’s a big park!)

Feel free to set a theme (or not, it’s completely up to you), like suggesting people wear something purple or dress up as a democracy hero (like a suffragette).