Trade Union Bill: Mark Prisk MP Response

I recognise that online ballots could be a useful tool to bring about change in the voting process. The Government’s only objection to this, however, is for practical reasons. The Open Rights Group, for instance, has highlighted these difficulties in the past, stating: “voting is a uniquely difficult question for computer science: the system must verify your eligibility to vote; know whether you have already voted; and allow for audits and recounts. Yet it must always preserve your anonymity and privacy. Currently, there are no practical solutions to this highly complex problem and existing systems are unacceptably flawed.” I do not believe, therefore, that the Government would be willing to authorise its use in something as important as a strike ballot.
— Mark Prisk MP, Hertford and Stortford

On the 21st April Mark Prisk MP responded to his constituents as apart of our 'Last Chance To Fix the Trade Union Bill'.