Trade Union Bill: John Redwood MP Response

Thank you for your email about the House of Lord’s amendment’s to the Trade Union Bill.

I value the role trade unions have often played in our society, and wish to see good conditions and fair pay for employees.

The Bill is intended to strengthen the rights of employees by requiring trade unions to embrace democratic reforms. These will empower workers by ensuring that future strike ballots command the support of a majority of employees on a sufficiently high turnout. The Bill will also give trade union members the ability to decide individually on the political levy.

The Government rightly recognises that trade unions have a constructive role to play in representing their members’ interests. If unions in monopoly public services strike too often, they undermine the lives of people often paid less than them.

The strike ballot thresholds are intended to ensure that strikes become, as they were originally intended, a last resort rather than a negotiating tactic. This will therefore help to strengthen the legitimacy of any future action. These reforms also recognise the fact that workers who use essential services should have the right to go about their business without the need to face undue disruption, particularly when this lacks a compelling mandate.

I believe that these are sensible and fair reforms which will help to improve the transparency and oversight of trade unions. This will enhance the role of trade unions in our society by giving them a much greater democratic basis on which to represent their members’ interests.

I will look carefully at the Lords’ amendments when the Bill returns to the Commons this week.
— John Redwood MP, Wokingham

On the 21st April John Redwood MP responded to his constituents as apart of our 'Last Chance To Fix the Trade Union Bill'.