Role Description: Rodell Board of Directors

About Rodell Properties

Rodell Properties exists to raise funds for Unlock Democracy by managing its property assets. Currently we own two office buildings in London. In the past Rodell has provided about a third of UD’s income but we are currently increasing that. 

The success of Rodell is vital to UD. The success of the last few years is down to the directors and the active part they play in our decision making.

What do Rodell Director's do?

As a Rodell director you will be expected to take part in decisions about the management of our properties and our overall investment strategy. As a director you also act as a trustee for Rodell and UD’s assets.

What skills do Rodell Director’s need?

We are particularly looking for people with expertise to bring to the board. Anyone with skills in property, finance, legal expertise or project management experience would be particularly useful.

Time Commitment

We meet physically about twice a year but this is dictated by the need to take decisions rather than by the calendar. 

If decisions need to be made quickly for commercial reasons we may need to contact you at short notice and ask for a quick response, usually via email.

Who can stand?

Any member of Unlock Democracy may put themselves forward to be elected as a Rodell Director. You do not need anyone to nominate you - simply fill in the nomination form.

How many directors are there on the Rodell Board?

There are 7 Directors, 4 of whom are directly elected by Unlock Democracy members. Every 2 years, 2 Directors are elected with a 4 year term of office. At least one Director must be male and one female. 

I want to stand for election, what do I need to do?

Simply fill in the nomination form, or email the relevant details to,  putting  “FAO  Returning Officer” in the subject line. The deadline for nominations is 1 June 2018 at 12 noon. 

You can stand for election to both Unlock Democracy Council and the Rodell Board of Directors if you wish. You are strongly encouraged to include an election address with your nomination(s).