Guide to your campaign and election address

What is an election address?

This is your chance to showcase to other members who you are, explain why you want to be on Council, and make the case as to why they should vote for you. These statements will be sent to members along with ballot papers, and they will also be included on our website.

You are allowed the equivalent of one A4-size page for your election address, which may include your personal contact details, images and photographs.

Election addresses may not personally attack or defame any Unlock Democracy member or staff member. Any candidate who knowingly makes a false statement on their nomination form or election address shall be disqualified.

Please email electronic copies of your election address to, putting “FAO Returning Officer” in the subject line. If you prefer, you can send us a physical copy of your election address by post. Your election address must be received by the close of nominations on Friday 1 June 2018.

Can I campaign for election?

Yes - please do! You will not have access to membership lists but you are welcome to publicise the fact that you are standing for election to our Council among your friends, family or on social media. However, there is a spending limit of £10 during the election period.

If you already have a website, blog or social media accounts that are part of your normal online presence then these are not included in the spending limit, even if you pay for the use of such services.

All public statements and election materials must observe the same rules as the published election address. They must not contain direct or indirect personal attacks on members of Unlock Democracy or its staff.