Role Description: Unlock Democracy Council

We seek committed people to stand for our elected Council, to take our work forward and achieve our ambitions for 2018 and beyond. 

We achieve our goals and vision by:

  • Leading the campaign for democratic reform in the UK through grassroots activism.
  • Following the impact of money on politics and campaigning for lobbying transparency and party funding reform.
  • Building the political will for reform with manifesto commitments from Parties and support from the People

Council members are elected for 2 years. Experience in fundraising, media, human resources, commercial property or the voluntary and campaigns sector would be particularly welcome, though not essential. 

The Council is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of Unlock Democracy, rather than the day-to-day management. Each Council Member needs to act in the interests of the organisation and give their time towards Unlock Democracy's political and organisational aims. This contribution includes:

  • Making a commitment to attend 3 Council meetings a year and the AGM in November. 
  • Helping to shape the strategy and monitoring the delivery of campaigns
  • Ensuring good financial management and effective governance of the organisation
  • Supporting and maintaining awareness of the Unlock Democracy's activities through local campaigns.
  • Working in an open and cross party basis in line with Unlock Democracy’s aims and values.

Who can stand?

Any member of Unlock Democracy may put themselves forward to be elected as a Council member. You do not need anyone to nominate you - simply fill in the nomination form.

How many Council Members are there?

There are 15 Council members, elected by Unlock Democracy members every 2 years.

To ensure our Council refelects the gender, ethnic and regional diversity of the UK:

  • at least five members of council must be male, and five female
  • two additional places are reserved for black or minority ethnic candidates, to be filled if fewer than two BME candidates are elected
  • Council must include at least one member from each regional constituency

I want to stand for election, what do I need to do?

Simply fill in the nomination form, or email the relevant details to,  putting  “FAO  Returning Officer” in the subject line. The deadline for nominations is Thursday 1 June 2018 at 12 noon. 

You can stand for election to both Unlock Democracy Council and the Rodell Board of Directors if you wish. You are strongly encouraged to include an election address with your nomination(s).