Constitutional Motion: Elections Rule Changes

Proposer:            Vicky Seddon

Seconder:          Rachel Collinson

Following the 2016 Council Elections, the Returning Officer reported to Council on the process. This report recommended a number of changes to Appendix B of the Constitution, which regulates our elections procedures. This constitutional amendment implements those changes.

This meeting resolves that the following changes be made to Appendix B of Unlock Democracy’s constitution:

2.2)   Add at end:

Under no circumstances should nominations be accepted, in any format, after the deadline unless:

a)  there has been a technical failure in the online system;  and

b)  the Returning Officer has agreed on a case-by-case basis to accept a late nomination caused by such a failure

2.4)   Delete:

Members shall not be compelled to use the official nomination form to stand.

          Replace with:

Any nomination not made using the official nomination form shall be deemed invalid.

2.4)   Delete:

NomInations by email shall be deemed acceptable.

          Replace with:

Nominations may be submitted online, by email or by post, always provided that they are on the official form, and signed or, if submitted electronically, otherwise validated by the candidate.

2.5)   Insert after the first sentence:

Information supplied by candidates about their ethnicity and gender will be included in the members’ ballot pack”