Constitutional Motion: Elections Spending Limit

Proposer:            Danny Zinkus Sutton

Seconder:          Andrew Manning

Appendix B of the Constitution, which regulates our elections procedures, currently specifies a spending limit for Council elections to be set by the Annual General Meeting for each election. This arrangement was brought in at the 2013 AGM, which set a limit of £10 for the 2014 elections. The same limit of £10 was approved by the 2015 AGM for the 2016 elections.

This proposal would set the limit of £10 into Appendix B of the constitution, eliminating the need for this item of business at future AGMs. The limit could still be changed by amending the constitution, which would require a two-thirds majority.

If this constitutional amendment is approved, then Election Item 2, Election Spending Limit, will not be considered by the AGM.

This meeting resolves that the following changes be made to Appendix B of Unlock Democracy’s constitution:

2.3.f) Replace “the sum agreed by the AGM” with “£10”