The Brexit Process

Proposer: Stephen Carter

Seconder: Sepi Golzari-Munro

Unlock Democracy notes:

1.    That Unlock Democracy does not take and has never taken a position on the UK’s membership of the European Union;

2.    That the UK’s decision to leave the EU nonetheless raises profound and complex questions of constitutional change, which could be resolved in many different ways;

Unlock Democracy believes:

1.    That in these circumstances democratic consultation is essential to the legitimacy of the path which is eventually chosen;

2.    That the prominence of calls to ‘take back control’ during the Brexit campaign adds additional weight to arguments for strengthening British democracy;

3.    That there is genuine cause for concern over the influence of private lobbyists on the Brexit process

Unlock Democracy resolves:

1.    To campaign for the fullest possible democratic engagement and control around the Brexit process and associated constitutional changes, including full parliamentary debate and other checks and balances against unilateral executive action or undue influence from private lobbyists.