Proxy Voting

Can't attend the meeting, but still want to have a say?

If you can't make our AGM, but still want to have a say on the motions, you can vote by proxy. You can either allocate your vote to another member of Unlock Democracy (letting them vote on your behalf at the meeting), or to the chair (with a list of how you want to vote on all the motions). You can find the motions and discussion on them here, and the full AGM pack with the minutes for the 2014 AGM here

Use this form to make your proxy vote, the full rules for proxy voting are below the form.

Name *
"Ref" or "Our Ref" on mailings from us. If you can't find it, we can find you on our database from your email or postcode instead.
Please include your postcode to help us find you on our supporter's database.
Your Proxy vote *
Your Proxy vote can be allocated a named member attending the AGM, who will vote on your behalf, or the Chair, to be cast in line with your wishes as indicated below. If you are allocating your proxy to a named member, please fill in their name, and the declaration at the end of the form. If you are allocating your vote to the Chair, please fill in how you would like it cast on the motions below.
If you have chosen option 1 above, please fill the name of the attending member who will exercise your vote here
Proxy Votes
If you have chosen option 2 above, Please indicate how you would like to vote on each motion below:
Minutes and Financial Motions
AGM 2014 Minutes
Accounts 2014 – 2015
Appointment of reporting accountants (Berley Chartered Accountants)
Membership Subscriptions
“The meeting resolves that the standard annual membership subscription of the organisation shall be £24 and the minimum subscription shall be £12. The rebate to Local Groups shall be £7.20 or 30% of the subscription, whichever is the lower. The rebate to Devolved Organisations shall be £2.40 or 10% of the subscription, whichever is the lower.”
Policy Motions
Reform of Party Funding and Lobbying
Local Government
Local Devolution "Deals"
Freedom of Information
First Past the Post and Candidate Selection
Voting and Parliamentary Reform
Legal Paradigm
Democracy Activists Conference
Strategic Plan
AGM Location
Council Updates
Proportional Representation Alliance
Constitutional Amendments
Council Election Constitutencies
Prevention of Entryism
Elections Motions
Elections to Council
Elections Spending Limit
Declaration *

Proxy Voting Protocol

Members unable to attend the Annual General meeting may opt to exercise a proxy vote.  There are two options: 

1. Proxy vote allocated to a named member of Unlock Democracy

The named member will exercise the vote on behalf of the absent member.

The named member may exercise votes for up to three absent members. 

On registration, the named member must produce the proxy vote form completed, signed and dated by the absent member, and will then be issued with a voting card distinguishable in colour from ordinary voting cards. 

On votes being called, the named member will vote by holding both his or her own voting card, together with the proxy voting cards in the air. 

Any attempt to canvass for proxy votes will render the vote inadmissible.
2. Proxy vote allocated to the Chair

The Chair will exercise the vote on motions circulated in advance, as indicated by the absent member. To exercise this vote, the absent member must return the proxy voting form, completed, signed and dated to arrive at the Unlock Democracy Office at least 48 hours before the start of the meeting, indicating how the vote is to be exercised on the motions circulated.

Members who intend to use a proxy vote via the Chair can see arguments for and against motions on the webpage, and are encouraged to view these comments, and add their own, before returning their proxy voting form

On a vote being called, the chair will announce the proxy votes, to be added to the votes of members present. 


There will be no proxy voting on procedural motions, including challenges to the Chair.

Where a motion has been amended (other than through minor drafting amendment), proxy votes allocated to the Chair will not be used for that motion; the Chair will determine whether an amendment is more than minor drafting.