Guide to writing motions

By submitting a motion to your AGM you can help decide Unlock Democracy’s agenda. You can also submit an amendment to our constitution if you think it should be improved.

How do I write a motion?

A motion is your way to get Unlock Democracy to have a view on certain issues that in turn guide the direction of the campaign. Your first step when writing a motion is always to check we don’t already have it covered in our constitution or policies. There is no set way to write a motion but here is a rough guide to what you need to include and how you could format it.

Unlock Democracy Notes:

  • Outline the current situation with regard to the policy area, including any recent developments.

Unlock Democracy Believes:

  • Spell out what you believe Unlock Democracy should adopt as policy.

Unlock Democracy Resolves:

  • Describe the actions you think Unlock Democracy should take.

Any local group, or two members, may submit a policy motion or an amendment to the constitution. The deadline for the office receiving motions is 10 am on Monday 12th October. Please ensure you send any motions you would like discussed as long before the deadline as possible; that way, if there is any problem with it we can resolve it in plenty of time

Please submit motions by email to with the subject line “AGM Motion”. You can also post them to us at: AGM Motion, Unlock Democracy, 9 King St, London EC2V 8EA. We’ll add motions to the website as soon as we receive them so that members have a chance to view and comment on them before the meeting. 

If you have any questions about submitting motions please contact John Franglen, our Membership Officer, on 020 7278 4443 or