2014 Policy Motion 4 - Membership Strategy

Proposer: Jack Maizels
Seconder: James Grindrod

Unlock Democracy notes that:

  • Membership subscriptions make up a significant proportion of our income, allowing our campaigns to go further
  • Previous initiatives, such as free membership schemes, have helped encouraged more people to get involved organization, with some later becoming fully paid members

Unlock Democracy believes that:

  • Council should discuss the full range of options for attracting more members, such as targeted discounts
  • Council should also look for more ways of retaining our current members, while contacting them more efficiently, to maximize funds available for campaigning. For example, allowing the option of opting out of postal communication for those who want to
  • Any particular opportunities to engage with new members should be taken. For example, the increased political engagement in Scotland following the independence referendum
  • It is particularly important to attract younger people towards the organization to ensure our future in the long term. 

Unlock Democracy resolves that:
Council should develop a strategy for increasing membership in the medium to long term.