1. Election leaflets

Motion passed by the AGM:

Unlock Democracy Resolves

• To promote and develop the project as a front-line tool during the run up to the General Election, local elections and any intervening by elections; • To be prepared to respond informatively to media questions in relation to controversial leaflets in an authoritative non-partisan manner. Council response was a key part of our work during the general election. We hosted a helped organise a hack day to improve the site and make it easier to upload leaflets. Together our supporters found, snapped and archived over 4000 leaflets. Our analysis of the leaflets was regularly featured in the national media, including the Telegraph, Mirror, Daily Mail and Independent.


2. Constitutional Convention

Motion passed by the AGM:

Unlock Democracy resolves: 9. Continue to lobby parties that haven't yet committed to a constitutional convention, while working to embolden those that have. 10. Engage with voters to educate them on what a constitutional convention involves and encourage enthusiasm for the change it could deliver. 11. Seek to create clear detailed proposals for a constitutional convention and when it will be delivered, in order to hold the parties to account. Council response After the referendum on Scottish independence, the government decided it would come up with proposals for more powers for Scotland and English Votes for English Laws behind closed doors. Working in partnership with Electoral Reform Society, we made the case that citizens across the UK should have their say. 15,000 people signed our petition for a citizen-led constitutional convention to decide how the different parts of our country should be governed. Local Unlock Democracy groups organised the Northern Citizens’ Convention, bringing together civil society groups to promote a conversation about how the people of Northern England wish to be governed in 21st century Britain.


3. Membership strategy

Motion passed by the AGM:

Unlock Democracy resolves that: • Council should develop a strategy for increasing membership in the medium to long term Council response This has been one of the strands of work of our strategy review and will be explored in more detail at the AGM. The staff team have conducted two surveys of our members by email asking about their views on how we communicate with them and their policy priorities. As a result we have improved our renewals system, introduced a membership newsletter, will be expanding the options for regular donations, and have been discussing the future of what Unlock Democracy's membership model should be.


4. Federated Britain

Motion passed by the AGM: Unlock Democracy resolves • To campaign for a decentralized and federated structure of governance for the United Kingdom. Council response While this remains a key part of our policy agenda this has not been a significant part of our campaigning this year. It has been included in our work on a Constitutional Convention and in particular our support of the Northern Constitutional Convention.


5. Election constituencies

Motion passed by the AGM: Unlock Democracy resolves: • To move to a single constituency, with reserved places for regional representation (to be specified by the AGM immediately prior to the next Council election) Council response A proposal has been drafted on this and will be debated at this AGM.