2015 Policy Motion: Legal Paradigm

Proposer: Tim Knight
Seconder: To  be confirmed

Unlock Democracy Notes:

With the return of single-party government by one of the parties which gains from the current dysfunctional electoral processes, there appear to be few ‘windows of opportunity’ to make progress towards proportional representation.  One such ‘window of opportunity’ arises from the Conservative Government’s plans to promote the concept of City Regions (e.g. the Manchester City Region); each with a directly-elected Political Chief Executive (i.e. a Mayor).

There are three current ‘legal paradigms’ for ‘mayoral governance’ in the UK, with a fourth being mooted for the Mayor of the Manchester City Region.  These are:

  1. London (i.e. Boris Johnson; ‘moderated by’ the proportional (AMS) London Assembly).
  2. Bristol (i.e. George Ferguson; ‘entangled by’ the non-proportional Bristol City Council).
  3. The 15 other current Mayoral regimes (all with Mayors ‘entangled by’ non-proportional councils).
  4. The Manchester City Region (with a Mayor currently ‘moderated/entangled by’ an ex-officio committee). 

Unlock Democracy Believes:

Every Political Chief Executive (and the rest of every Political Executive) should be held to account by a directly-elected proportional Representative Assembly (i.e. not by an ex-officio committee). 

Unlock Democracy Resolves:

To campaign for all Political Parties to co-operate to define a single strategic ‘legal paradigm’ for all of the above regimes based on the London arrangements, and to ‘sponsor’ ‘proofs of concept’ for that single strategic ‘legal paradigm’ in London and Bristol in 2016. 

The motion fell.