2015 Elections motion: Elections Spending Limit

Unlock Democracy Notes
Appendix B 2.3(f) of our constitution set below requires the AGM to set a spending limit for printed materials produced by candidates. Unlock Democracy sends a booklet with candidate statements to all members.  The spending limit only applies to published materials in addition to this that are not part of the candidate’s normal online presence.

“During the election period, candidates may not spend more than the sum agreed by AGM on independently published materials. The use for campaigning of internet and social media services that are part of a candidate’s normal online presence shall not be included in this limit even if the candidate pays for the use of such services.”

The 2013 AGM agreed that the spending limit for the 2014 elections should be £10.

Unlock Democracy Resolves
That a spending limit of £10 should apply to the 2016 Council elections.

The motion passed.