2015 Constitutional Amendment: Faxes

Proposer: Peter Hirst
Seconder: Danny Zinkus-Sutton

Unlock Democracy is committed to running accessible elections, and thus has historically allowed nominations to its elections via post, email, and fax. However, given the great decline in the use of fax machines as a method of  communication (both in general and amongst our membership), it is no longer a worthwhile expense to maintain one.

Proposed changes:
To Appendix B (Elections), section 2.4:

‘…  To be eligible, nominations must be signed by the candidate and returned to the Returning Officer before the close of nomination. Nominations by email and fax shall be deemed acceptable. …’   

Remove the words "and fax" 

To the Proxy Vote Protocol, notes section:

‘You can fill in the enclosed form and return it by post or fax.’

Remove the words "or fax".

The motion passed.