Big money donors are stepping up their attempts to buy elections in 2017

1. A millionaire who bankrolled Brexit is splashing up to £700,000 to oust pro-Remain MPs.

2. The new West Midlands mayor dodged spending limits to spend £1m on his election campaign.

3. The Conservatives have avoided local spending limits by mass-buying newspaper ads in marginal seats.

If they succeed, they'll be rewarded with a new tool to change laws in their interests through the back door.

The Repeal Bill - a new tool for the establishment.

The government is planning a law to move EU law into UK law. But it's so full of holes that the establishment can't wait to see what rights and protections they can scrap without the people or Parliament having a say.

Ministers are on record as wanting to water down workplace safety. If this goes ahead, environmental protections, rights at work and more could be under threat.

If the Conservatives win a landslide election victory, this means holding them to account will be harder than ever before.

However you feel about the EU, we need a proper debate as a country about what we want to scrap and what we want to keep. It shouldn’t be down to ministers to decide without asking us or our MPs.

We can stop this threat to democracy in its tracks if MPs take a stand. But right now, fewer than 5% of MPs have expressed a view on the Repeal Bill.

Write to your candidates - ask them to block the Repeal Bill unless it closes the loop holes for the establishment.