Unlock Democracy Greater Manchester AGM 2017

On 28th January members of Unlock Democracy in Greater Manchester gathered for their Annual General Meeting at Cross St Chapel, Manchester

 1.      Present: Jenny Cronin, Peter Davidson, Martine Waltho, Sue Sharples, Tony Taylor, Joe Taylor.

2.       Apologies: Steve Roman, Paul Thomson, Marsha Healy, Walter Houston.

      Jenny Cronin opened the meeting at 11.00 a.m.

3.      Minutes of 2015 AGM held on 30 January 2016 - accepted as true and accurate. No matters arising.

4.      Annual Report and review: Jenny Cronin presented a comprehensive written report of the group’s activities over the previous year and also referred to the report of the People’s Plan Democracy event UD GM held in November 2016. These are included in the E-News emailed to all members and subscribers on 13 January and 21 January 2017 for reference by those who couldn’t attend this AGM. A discussion of the reports took place and it was agreed that the main focus for 2017 should be: proportional representation; collaborating with other campaigns in Greater Manchester (GM) in the run-up to the GM CA mayoral election on 4 May; and then share with other organisations campaigning for democratising the way the mayor and the CA operate.

5.      Financial Statement - presented and accepted. The treasurer, Tony Taylor, will step down due to other pressures, but will remain involved with the organisation. The chair thanked Tony for his contribution to UD over several years. It was noted that UD GM’s bank, Unity Trust Bank has introduced administrative fees. It was agreed that this is unacceptable and the meeting decided that the new treasurer will investigate alternative options with Nationwide and Co-op Bank.

6.      Election of Officers: Jenny Cronin was elected as chair, Joe Taylor as secretary and treasurer, for 2017.

7.      Any other business: Peter Davidson pointed out that Make Votes Count are no longer a functioning organisation and that the bank account in that name has been closed.

Meeting closed 1.00 p.m