Unlock Democracy Greater Manchester AGM 2016

On 30th Jan 2016 at Friends Meeting House, Unlock Democracy Manchester met for their Annual AGM with guest speaker Arianna Giovannini to debate 'Northern Powerhouse or Poorhouse'

Present: Jenny Cronin, Peter Davidson, Stephen Broadhead, Ellen Meredith, Tony Taylor, Chris Houston, Keith Underhill, Bertie Rossell, Steve Roman, Cyril Meadows, Joe Taylor. 

Peter Davidson, coordinator, opened the meeting at 11.00 a.m.

Minutes of last AGM:  accepted as true and accurate.

Matters Arising: Chris Houston should have been noted as sending his apologies

Coordinator’s Statement: Peter Davidson outlined the occurrences relevant to Unlock Democracy Greater Manchester during the previous year. A comprehensive written report of the group’s activities over the previous year was handed out to those present and is available on request for those who couldn’t attend the meeting.

Financial Statement:  presented and accepted. The written version was circulated and signed off by the treasurer, Tony Taylor.

Election of Officers: Jenny Cronin was elected as chair, Joe Taylor as secretary and Tony Taylor as treasurer, for 2016. Jenny Cronin took the chair and introduced the speaker.

Presentation by Guest Speaker: Dr. Arianna Giovannini.

Arianna gave an oral presentation regarding various aspects of ‘democracy' in its European, National and Local contexts. She gave particular emphasis on the implications of the Northern Powerhouse concept for the Manchester and Sheffield areas and then answered questions from the floor on a broad range of related issues; members also expressed their own views.

The chair thanked Arianna for her input and also Peter for his dedication and the many, valuable contributions he made to the Manchester Group, in particular, and the cause for enhanced UK democracy, in general, throughout the previous year.

Meeting closed 1.00 p.m.

(The secretary to circulate a draft version of the minutes to members present at the meeting, for input and amendments. Non-response by Monday will be taken as approval).