This election won’t fix our broken politics, but we can.

Let’s make this election not just about one vote, on one day, but how much say we have after 8th June.

If the election delivers a government with a big majority, we must hold them to account from June 9th, and fight for our democratic rights.

We need to make sure that we take back control, and resist a Brexit for the rich negotiated behind closed doors.

We must raise our voice against the proposed Repeal Bill which gives the establishment a new tool to ride roughshod over public opinion. Email your candidates now demanding they commit to stopping the establishment free for all.

Our plan for the snap election

  1. Keep an eye on big money interests trying to buy our election - see how much rich donors have already handed to each party.
  2. Build grass-roots teams across the country to be ready to hold the government to account when the Brexit bonfire comes on June 9th.

What you can do right now

Join the door step challenge - print out our questions ready for when the parties come knocking.

Email your candidates demanding they fix the Repeal Bill - and stop the establishment free for all.