Why did the Conservative Party ignore 4 requests for information about their South Thanet election expenses?

And why did they pay for a Barrister to oppose the extension of the deadline for the police to investigate the allegations?

As this scandal has developed David Cameron has done an excellent job of implying that this is all an unfortunate misunderstanding. He has repeatedly stated that all parties had battle buses and shrugged the allegations off as an administrative error. This is very much the approach he took on the Andrew Marr show saying that:

“we, like many other parties, had a national battle bus that went to lots of constituencies and canvas and that national battle bus, and the expenses with it, in our view, and in the view incidentally of the Labour Party and the Liberal Party and others, all treated those as national expenses and I think that’s the right approach.”

However this ignores the fact that the Electoral Commission asked the Conservative Party four times, to provide additional information about the party’s spending in South Thanet and was ignored. It also doesn’t explain why the Party opposed the extension of the deadline for the investigation in South Thanet.  In other constituencies the application went through unopposed.