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Glasgow Open Space

Taking back control from Westminster – Open Space event in Glasgow
10:30am -1:30pm , 4 November 2017, Kinning Park, Glasgow.

Unlock Democracy is holding an Open Space event (this means that you shape the day’s agenda) to bring citizens together to discuss Scotland’s voice in the Brexit process, and the place of a written constitution for strengthening it.

Scotland's constitutional debate has been energetic in recent years. From the independence referendum in 2014 and the Scotland Act 2016, and now some of Holyrood's powers are now under threat of a post-Brexit Westminster power grab.

What is Open Space? Open Space is a way of working created in 1985 and brings people together to discuss a common theme. Open Space is fully participative, there are no talking heads, and is based in the belief that the participants are the real experts. Just come along with an open mind and your thoughts and opinions.

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