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Magna Carta 2015: Democracy for a Digital Future

  • Cambridge Union Cambridge UK (map)

The country is celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta at a critical moment for democracy.  This is an invitation to take part in a forward-looking conference, which will be held at the Cambridge Union on Saturday 6 June, from 10.30am to 5pm, followed by a reception. Doors will open from 9.45 and there will be tea and coffee on arrival.

The conference is free and open to all. It is hosted by Unlock Democracy, as part of their Unlock Magna Carta series, openDemocracy and a local network, the Cambridge Commons

Come and join the debate with:

Anthony Barnett (founder of openDemocracy), Siân Berry (the Green Party), Tamasin Cave (Spinwatch), John Harris (The Guardian), Will Hutton (The Observer), David Marquand (public philosopher), John Naughton (internet guru), Carly Nyst (Privacy International), Bill Thompson (web pundit), Stuart Weir (founder of Democratic Audit), Stuart White (Oxford political theorist)

Our discussions will be inspired by key principles of Magna Carta and the accompanying Charter of the Forest. We will look beyond our broken politics and obsolete political system to discuss the creation of  a new democratic space for political and social life in the digital age, which is already upon us.

Our debate will include deliberation on:

  • a constitutional convention to settle devolution throughout the UK

  • how the digital age has transformed what it means to create a constitutional framework

  • the nature of citizens’ rights (metadata, liberty and privacy)

  • old and new barons (the internet corporations)

  • the shared commons (public broadcasting)

  • restoration of the public realm

  • politics of the common interest

  • participative democracy

  • politics of change

There will also be the opportunity to put your own ideas on the agenda with an Open Space session, where you are invited to propose the topic for discussion and assemble your own group.

Register now to book your place.

Hope to see you on Saturday 6th June!