Brexit has unleashed the biggest wave of constitutional change in living memory.

The Prime Minister is trying to freeze the public out of the Brexit deal, but lobbyists from the previous government are lining up to wield influence on behalf of their wealthy clients.

We need to know who Theresa May is talking to about the deal, and Parliament needs a full say on what kind of deal is reached.

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Frequenty asked questions

The public voted for Brexit. Why should MPs get a say?

The public has had no say in what the UK does about the single market, free movement of people, or any of the other issues with huge implications for all our lives.

Theresa May’s “red lines” on Brexit weren’t on the ballot paper, so the Prime Minister is using the Brexit vote to reshape huge areas of law and grab even more power for the government from MPs.

How do we fix it?

Any decisions about what EU laws should be kept or scrapped need proper Parliamentary scrutiny by Select Committees. This will give MPs the chance to look at the proposals properly and to ensure it doesn't give the Government excessive powers to repeal decades-old legislation on a whim.

The Brexit Debates

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