How can democratic reform help win campaigns on the issues that matter to you?

A week after the historic Brexit vote, we summoned allies from the four corners of the campaigning world to plot what comes next for democracy. Together we tackled one big issue for campaigners - after the EU referendum vote, how can democratic reform help win campaigns sooner?

Many campaigns share the feeling that the government isn’t listening, or that money gets big vested interests privileged access to politicians. We wanted to build on that common experience to work out how to tell Unlock Democracy’s story in a way that energises people and makes links between campaigns on a wider range of issues.

We brought together democracy campaigners like Republic, campaigns around participation like Involve and #Emilymatters, transparency organisations, and open government campaigns, with our friend Patrick at Outrageous Impact providing some much-needed structure to the debate.

We ran the event as an Open Space - themed around a central question but with an agenda set collaboratively by the participants, with people free to move between discussions throughout the day. Brexit loomed large in our minds, but we also talked about the barriers in the system that are stopping campaigns winning how to campaign more effectively, and how to deal with media misinformation, as well as the big institutional questions like electoral and House of Lords reform.

We’ve learned a lot about making links with other campaigns, but the next step is you! We want to hear from Unlock Democracy supporters. We are organising a second Open Space event for activists. We want to learn more about you, what motivates you and how you think Unlock Democracy should campaign. If you are interested in coming to the next Open Space event at the end of July, please fill in this short survey by July 11.