#EUref - After the vote

We’ve been neutral throughout the campaign, but neutral doesn’t mean sitting on the sidelines. Whatever decision the UK makes tomorrow, we want it to be based on an informed debate. At times, the campaign has been difficult for even the most politically engaged person to follow, with bewildering sets of claims and counter-claims from both sides. A poll for the Mirror shows that 64% of people say that politicians have done a bad job of explaining the Ins and Outs of the EU vote. 

Frances, our EU campaign coordinator, organised a series of events across the country bringing together supporters of both campaigns, as well as undecided voters. We took the referendum debate from your television set to your local community, with real people, not politicians, laying out the arguments on both sides. 

One of the biggest issues we talked about was democracy itself: is the EU democratic or undemocratic? What do you think? Vote and comment below to tell why you answered the poll the way you did. Tell us if you would and how you'd make the EU more democratic.

Whichever way the vote goes tomorrow, the referendum has got people talking about how they are governed and what power they have in our political system. Once the dust settles from tomorrow’s decision, we want to harness that energy to talk about democracy in the UK itself.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!