Stop Cameron rigging the rules

On Wednesday your MP has a choice: let David Cameron rig party funding rules or support cross party changes to the Trade Union Bill. We need you to write to them and help them make the right choice.

Tell your MP to fix the Trade Union Bill

We’ve worked with the Lords to take the Bill from a disaster to an opportunity to kick big money out of politics. Thanks to the thousands of people, who signed our petition, the Lords changed the Bill to limit the damage and lead the way to bigger reforms.

Now the Bill is back with MPs. The decision is in their hands - on Wednesday they will vote to accept the cross party changes or allow David Cameron to fix the system to benefit one party.

Tell your MP to fix the Trade Union Bill

There are just a few days to fix the Bill. We changed the minds of the Lords, now we need MPs to vote to keep the changes. The amendments we are backing have cross party support. We all know that the way we fund our political parties has to change but this is not the way to do it.

Getting these amendments through opens the door for cross party talks. Let's get that door open, and get the parties talking seriously about kicking big money out of politics. Please take just two minutes to write your MP today.