Unlocking our own Democracy

Democracy is our core value. We campaign to improve it, but it’s also important to us that we’re democratic as an organisation and our members have their say in what we do. So we have a Council to help guide us, elected by and from our members.

The Council is the driving force behind Unlock Democracy. Elected by our membership, Council Members set our strategy and take an active part shaping the direction of our campaigns.

We are looking for enthusiastic people who care about our work and about where we can best make a difference. We need people who’ll get involved in local UD campaigns and be a part of our AGM — people who want to make a difference to democracy in the UK. Does this sound like you? Then stand for our council!  Find out more about the Council

We’re also asking members to stand for the board of Rodell Properties. Rodell exists to raise funds for Unlock Democracy, and its directors make decisions about the management of the property it owns, and its investment strategy. We directly elect part of its board in order to give our members transparency, and a say in how it works. Find out more about Rodell