2016: A year in review

Last year saw a seismic shift in politics at home, in Europe, and across the Atlantic. One thing that the Brexit vote and the election of President Trump decisively showed us is that business-as-usual politics is over.

People have lost their patience with a political establishment that acts in their own self-interest. People are fed up with their voices not being heard.

This year Unlock Democracy celebrates our 10 year anniversary, and for the past decade, we’ve been fighting for your voice to be heard. We’ve been campaigning hard on issues like fairer votes, putting an end to the revolving doors between government and corporations, opening up the opaque lobbying industry, and creating a written constitution devised by and for the people.

And the good news is that when we come together we can achieve a lot.

Together in 2016, we:

With Brexit now on the horizon our uncodified constitution is facing its greatest test yet.

We must work together to make sure the government is accountable for its actions. We can’t let them get away with a backdoor Brexit deal that’s negotiated in the shadows, away from public and parliamentary scrutiny,  

We’ve got to take real control, and the best way to do that is through a written constitution, devised by and for the people.

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