Keeping in touch with our members

It’s important to us to engage with our members, and what they want from the organisation, so we sent out a survey asking for people’s experiences of being a member of Unlock Democracy and we’ve been taking action on what was raised.

How do you feel about the quantity of emails we send you?

Would you like to receive the following membership communications by email?

People are happy with the number of emails they’re getting, but they’re interested in getting specific membership emails, which is why we’re now doing a monthly membership newsletter, and will soon be starting to send renewal reminders, and emails on the Unlock Democracy Council elections when those happen, but without increasing the overall number of emails people receive.

How likely would you be to recommend becoming a member of Unlock Democracy to a friend?

More than three quarters of those answering said they were likely to recommend becoming a member to friends, and we'll be looking at how we can best help our current supporters involve new people.

And finally, is there anything else you think would improve your membership experience at Unlock Democracy?

Over 80% skipped this question, suggesting many are happy  with how things are currently, the main response coming over from this one was members' interest in public meetings and other ways to be part of our campaigns, such as petitions and partnerships  with other organisations.

We've taken this into account in our strategic plannning, and have been running numerous events across the country this year, with Unlock Magna Carta, and more recently our  Pankhurst Picnics and helping activists run the Great Gathering for Voting Reform.

Engagement is a constant process, so we'll be sending out another members survey soon, to learn more about what our members want from the organisation.