Clauses from Unlock Magna Carta in Parliament

The following clauses were suggested at the Unlock Magna Carta event in Parliament on June 15th.

  • Safeguard access to justice by making publicly funded legal representation available to all who need it.
  • Limit power of corporations and lobbyists.
  • All elections to parliament, whether for the upper or lower house, should use a system of proportional representation.
  • Citizens shall have the right to bring grievances and complaints against institutions including government agencies, local authorities and employers, without any threat of intimidation, harassment or any other form of reprisal. Apart from institutions being punishable through fines, individual offenders should risk prosecution with sentences including both fines and imprisonment.
  • Entrenched laws that breaks the relationship between big corporate businesses and the executive--insider status should therefore be dispersed to sectional groups (other than elitist ones) allowing more representation and enhancing popular sovereignty.
  • Our war-mongering should be transparent. Our global peace-building role should make use of transparent English language.
  • The lottocracy idea: introduce some element of jury style public involvement for the chambers to avoid elections entirely and short term goalism that results in elections.