Nottingham's clauses for People's Charter 2015

On Friday 22 May we were in Nottingham to ask how democracy is changing in the digital age and whether we need a Magna Carta for the internet. These are the new clauses we wrote together:

  1. An enforceable code of ethics to be applied to data capture, to allow for real ownership of one’s own information

  2. A technology code of ethics to guarantee that all new technological equipment is designed with ethics in mind

  3. A system of checks and balance on government and big business and better accountability of data use

  4. Tim Berners-Lee’s Magna Carta for the Internet to be created and implemented

  5. The right to delete your personal data

  6. Greater transparency of politicians’ public discourse - what politicians say in public should be more widely accessible

  7. A guide for social media about how to protect yourself and your information online

  8. The right to access a free and open internet

  9. An internationally binding code of ethics for corporate law, based on fairness and transparency

  10. The right to remain anonymous online

  11. The right to see your personal data which has been captured by government and business and find out how it is used

  12. Companies to be more honest and accountable in how they gain access to and use your data