Liverpool's clauses for People's Charter 2015

The following clauses were created at our Unlock Magna Carta event in Liverpool:

On improving the political system in the UK:

  1. A fair voting system which accurately reflects the voting intention of all the electorate, such as the Single Transferable Vote

  2. The second chamber should be elected, with a maximum of 300 members

  3. Progress towards effective direct democracy

  4. Fixed term parliaments of four years

  5. Any citizen should be able to become the head of state

  6. Every citizen should be enfranchised from the age of 18

  7. All children and young people should learn about the history and present state of democracy

On rights and society:

  1. Better enforcement and protection of equal rights for citizens with disabilities and minority groups

  2. More media accountability, with a balance between freedom and responsibility

  3. Right to free legal advice representation