Lincoln's clauses for People's Charter 2015

The following clauses were produced at our Unlock Magna Carta event in Lincoln:

On changing our political system:

  1. An elected second chamber

  2. A constitutional basis for local authority devolution, inclusive of fiscal powers

  3. No political parties at local level

  4. Nolan principles of public life code of conduct

  5. Consequences for politicians who break their promises - recall system

  6. More equal representation of men and women in positions of power

  7. Qualification for voting to be decided by electorate

On putting power in the hands of the people:

  1. Equality and freedom speech

  2. No trial by media

  3. Essential services kept public

  4. Coherent laws to restrict powers of multinationals and make them accountable.

  5. There should be a database of companies who withhold their number