Sheffield Clauses for People’s Charter 2015

The following clauses were decided at Unlock Magna Carta in Sheffield at the Crick Centre on 11th June 2015.

1. We should work to promote collaboration, not competition, across society 
2. There should be increased efforts to create balanced centres of power within political systems and beyond

3. Everyone will have shared global environmental responsibility: to each other, to nature and to communities - the natural, the physical, the political and ecological
4. The right, responsibility and opportunity to participate in making decisions about issues that affect the global community including people, organisations, animals, the environment, corporations, states, individuals and communities

5. To hold a citizen-led constitutional convention, representative of the British people with a mandatory referendum on the propositions and regular review
6. Reform of the electoral system and a move towards a system of proportional representation

7. Everyone should have the right to basic financial support
8. Taxation should be progressive and sufficient to provide equality of opportunity

9. Everyone should enjoy freedom of information
10.All citizens should have freedom from exploitation

Privilege and access
11.There should be greater scrutiny of lobbying and lobbyists’ influence on policy decisions
12. There should be a movement towards the disestablishment of the Church of England