Clauses from A Magna Carta for the European Union, Sheffield 2015

The following clauses were decided at Unlock Magna Carta's participative workshop "A Magna Carta for the European Union" in Sheffield on 12th June.

  • Everyone in the EU should have equal opportunities, resources, rights, liberties, justice, happiness and security
  • In this European Union, the diversity of religion, thought, culture, language, identity shall be recognised, preserved and respected
  • Every child should have a voice and the right to grow safely; every child should have a guardian or spokesperson who ensures that they are cared for and respected
  • Every individual should be allocated an equal financial entitlement, to be accessed at any point in their lives, for formal education and training
  • Everyone should have access to the right to healthcare, free at the point of use
  • Everyone should have the right to universal citizens’ income 
  • No individual should earn more than 15 times the lowest pay
  • Every individual should have access to a free and fair trial and free legal representation
  • There should be freedom of movement to work throughout the EU, with right to in-work benefits. This includes both EU citizens and asylum seekers
  • Freedom of speech, expression and association