London's clauses for People's Charter 2015

The following clauses were decided at our Unlock Magna Carta event in London on 25th March 2015:

  • A collective right for workers in a for-profit, based on employment contract, to convert it into a workers’ cooperative 
  • Ecological right
  • Basic necessities: food, water, shelter, sanitation
  • The right to health/medical care
  • Education
  • Social security/social insurance

The clauses were decided in small groups, who were asked to pick their top 3 rights that they saw as most important. A vote was taken as to whether socio-economic rights should be included in a constitution, which passed 15 to 3 in favour. After feeding back to the whole group, participants then broke back into small groups to discuss the rights in depth.

For a more detailed explanation of the process, please see this article from a workshop participant