Edinburgh Clauses for People’s Charter 2015

The following clauses were decided at our Unlock Magna Carta event in Edinburgh on 12th May. 

To be based on the following guiding tenets and values: 

  • Draw on Magna Carta and the Declaration of Arbroath, as well as the UN declaration on human rights
  • The idea of the Commons should be reinstated as the primary mode of ownership
  • Affirmation of the communality of people
  • Establish the demos as basis of democracy (to discuss: what is the demos?)

The enshrinement of human rights in laws, including: 

  • Right of access to democratic institutions
  • Right to justice – not linked to financial means 
  • Right to education
  • Right to democracy in all institutions 
  • Right to participation 

For a more fair, democratic and representative system:

  • Representation and power to be devolved to the lowest appropriate level
  • A cap in donations to parties 
  • Only individuals are allowed to make donations
  • Sovereignty resides with the people
  • Proportionality plus (every vote counts in Parliament) 

For a more accountable system of governance: 

  • Privilege of citizen’s statement
  • Legislation to lay out its aims and objectives for assessment, with a compulsory sunset clause
  • The introduction of a “Pay Go” clause to lay out mechanisms of funding and appropriations