An Advent calendar for political reform

What's behind your Advent calendar? Christmas may be inching closer but there are still some important political dates for reformers in the run up to the holidays.

Tomorrow is International Human Rights Day. We’ll be publishing a guest blog from the British institute for Human Rights on the legacy of Magna Carta and the Human Rights Act.

Next week, Lord Strathclyde will publish the results of his “rapid review” of the House of Lords which was set up after the government was defeated on tax credit cuts. The review was set up to assert the primacy of the House of Commons but the recommendations will likely strengthen the government by weakening scrutiny of secondary legislation - see this excellent blog from the Hansard Society for the details.

On Wednesday in the Commons, Jonathan Reynolds MP will propose a Ten Minute Rule Bill to introduce a fairer voting system. With next year’s local elections on the horizon, this will be another opportunity to make the case for a system that makes the seats match the votes.

We are also expecting the Scottish Standards Committee to report on the Scottish government’s Bill introducing a lobbying register. We’ve been working hard with Scottish organisations to improve the register to include written and oral communication, cover lobbying of special advisers and senior civil servants and require lobbyists to declare how much is being spent on lobbying.

We’ll keep you updated on all of these developments and more in the new year!