Unlock Democracy in October

In the office we’re gearing up for the AGM — we’ve just sent out the packs to those who’ve requested it, detailing the agenda and the motions we’ll be discussing. 

Our annual general meeting is one of the most important parts of our year — it’s where we meet members, talk about what we’ve been working on,  and where the members tell us what’s important to them, have their say on how  we work. And so, I’m writing this month’s focus, on the AGM and what we’ll be doing there.


On the day itself, after everyone’s had time to register and have a hot drink, we’ll be starting with a session on Unlock Magna Carta, our project about modernising the rights and protections the great charter gives. We’ll then be talking about what we’ve done in response to last year’s AGM motions, and UD’s accounts. 

From there we go onto the first set of the motions — the constitutional amendments that people have brought, where they think the rules that govern us, our membership, our AGMs and internal elections can be improved. Then we stop for lunch - keeping energy up during the debates is important!

After lunch we have the policy motions — all the different ways people think Unock Democracy should be focusing our attentions. This year we have motions on lobbying, party funding, two on Local Government, and more. 

You can see them all, and discuss their pros and cons on our website — we’re encouraging comments on the motions, so people who can’t make the meeting can hear both sides before they send their proxy votes in.

After the specifics of the policy motions, we’ll be moving to a strategy and group discussion, on how UD should work to achieve its goals, what aspects should be focused on.

And the AGM finishes with a report from our director on the organisation and our campaigns, with questions afterwards.


Alex Runswick - Director: This month we launched Holyrood Exposed, our guide to lobbying in Scotland. With the Scottish government about to publish its plans for a lobbying register, we’re campaigning for real transparency in lobbying.

Pete Mills - Policy: We’ve been working with Hope not Hate and other campaigns to stop the government deleting up to 1.9m people from the voting register in December. Thousands of you have already written to your MP to demand a debate. This Tuesday, the Lords will debate a motion to cancel these changes to the electoral register. We’ve been talking to sympathetic peers to make sure they save the #missingvoters!

That's it for this time, see you next month, or at the AGM!