What makes Vote Match different?

Since the launch of Vote Match in 2008, we’ve seen the number of voter advice applications steadily increase. We encourage you to try the different apps out there and see which one suits you best. Of course, we still think Vote Match has something special!

  • A quick and easy way to find out where the parties disagree

We’ve created a compact Vote Match quiz so that on each issue some parties agree and others disagree. We don’t want you to have to go through every single party policy. We know that all parties promise economic growth, better schools and hospitals, and sunnier weather, so we’ve focused on the issues that divide the parties. Every single question in Vote Match divides some parties from others, so we can get you the best match while keeping things simple.

  • The most accurate information about party policies

We get our info direct from the political parties. We’ve had some participation from every major political party, and often from their Welsh and Scottish branches too. That means when a party has different policy in England and elsewhere, Vote Match has got it covered. For example, did you know that in Scotland, the Conservatives agree with votes at 16 and in England, they disagree?

  • The key issues for your country

England, Scotland and Wales don’t just have different parties, they have different issues too. We won’t ask you about tuition fees in Scotland - there aren’t any - but we will ask you what you think about independence. Devolution means that more and more laws are made in the Scottish Parliament or the Welsh Assembly rather than in Westminster, but devolved issues like education and the NHS can still make a difference at the general election in Scotland and Wales.

  • A clear match to one party

By focusing on the differences between parties we can give you a clear match to one party. Vote Match is designed to find you a match even when you're torn between two or more parties. Ultimately, you vote for one party, not 33% of three different parties. So far, 96% of Vote Match users have been given a clear match to one party. 

  • We won’t tell you who to vote for

Vote Match isn’t about telling you who you should vote for. We can tell you who is the best match for your views on the policies that matter to you, but policy may only be one part of the decision you make at the ballot box. It's not just a choice between policies and personalities! We encourage you to find out more about the parties before you make your choice.