Vote Match Europe rolls out for Europe Day

This Friday, for Europe Day, Vote Match Europe ( is rolling out across the continent. 14 countries across the EU have now launched their versions of Vote Match, the award-winning online app which helps voters decide who to vote for in May’s European elections. Over 100,000 European voters have now used Vote Match. The UK version is available at

Vote Match is a short online app which matches users to see the political party that best represents their views in an election, based on the issues which they select as most important. Vote Match worked with political scientists from the LSE to ask UK political parties for their positions on the top issues for the European elections.

Vote Match Europe is an international network across fourteen EU countries: Germany, the UK, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and the Netherlands.

The website brings together all the national votematches and shows citizens all the different parties that match their position in the participating countries. As well as country-specific questions, the Vote Match systems in all countries include the same set of 15 questions. So after completing the Vote Match quiz in their own country, users can click through the results screen to quickly see which parties best represent them in other countries.

Vote Match aims to be fun but it also aims to encourage turnout, inform voters about policy differences between parties, and foster informed debate on political issues. Since the first version launched back in 2008, over 2 million people have used Vote Match. The 2010 general election Vote Match was taken by more than 1 million users, the Dutch StemWijzer reached 5 million users and the German Wahl-O-Mat reached 13 million users.